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Developers, QA and Operations previously worked in silos until the DevSecOps culture was adopted by the enterprise to increase the speed of delivery through collaboration. Even with the benefits and advantages of automation, traditional enterprise security and tools remained focused on ensuring security controls as an afterthought for a checkbox or after deployment. Integrating security into the pipeline is now critical to the enterprise.

DevSecOps can be viewed as 1) Vulnerability Alerts and Guidance 2) Centralized Visibility and Control 3) Attack Protection and Threat Intelligence.

The DevOps core values, CAMS – Culture, Automation, Measurement and Sharing. The end goals of implementing DevSecOps is to increase productivity, reduce risk and optimize cost.

Full Service Solutions!

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your training to the next level. At Palmetto Cyber, we combine our insights and skills to transform your workforce utilizing the latest techniques and technologies to accelerate learning to ensure your people return with the knowledge and skills needed in the shortest time possible.

Defense Grade Penetration Testing Services!

Identify organizational weaknesses the same way a cybercriminal would… through hacking. Palmetto Cyber’s penetration testing services enable your business or organization to better understand the extensive cyber threats you face and ultimately minimize risk.
Because the alternative is to experience a serious cyber breach… which could literally destroy your business.

Prepare for the Cyber Future!

Palmetto Cyber provides training and testing in the most in demand certifications in the Cyber Security and IT Management fields.

We have the credentials and facilities to host the courses or we can come to your location.  

Please contact us with you workforce certification needs! 

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